Visor is a live coding environment for real-time visual performance
Visor bridges the gap between creative coding and VJing by offering user interfaces to easily interact with live coded Processing sketches
Visor offers a simple API for mapping visuals to audio or MIDI controllers, all in the expressive Ruby programming language


Live coding with Processing Update your program in real-time without restarting the application
State interface Interact with program parameters as they are automatically displayed in the interface
Audio analysis Inspect the audio frequency spectrum and access the audio data in the code to drive visuals
MIDI support Configure MIDI controllers to create mappings between controls and program parameters
Ruby language Simple creative coding while making use of powerful language features such as enumerators and blocks
Layers Organise your code into rearrangeable layers and configure their properties to create new compositions
Tap tempo Tap to the tempo of the music and create visuals that animate on the beat
Learn hub In-app documentation to help you get started or dive deeper


Live coding performance featuring collaboration with musician (Visor version 0.4.0)
VJing style performance recording
Solo live coding performance (Visor version 0.1.0)


Visor is currently in alpha and subject to change. Testing, feedback, and critique are welcomed!

Click here to download the latest Mac, Windows and Linux builds.


Experimented with Visor? Have feedback? Visor has been developed as part of a Masters research project. You can support this research and the future development of Visor by participating in the online survey here. Thank you for your support if you choose to participate!

To report bugs, submit feature requests, or give further feedback, please contact or create an issue on GitHub.